Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spam, Virus & Attacks Oh My!

Well the scum of the internet finally took waxwaxwax.com off line.

We have had years of spam and viruses that we have attempted to deal with.

But currently some people are attacking the site making it too slow to even use.

I know we have not paid much attention to waxwaxwax.com during the last year but we didn't think it would be soooo much work.

We want to thank everyone of you that made it a great site.

We thought it was the best site around for waxing, Brazilian & hair removal information there just isn't any other place that we have found that has brought together so many people with so much knowledge on waxing.

There are plans to build it and make it stronger, better then before.

We will keep you updated or just stop by once in a while.

Post a comment give us any new places you have found for waxing info or just let us know how you have been.

Thanks Again!